Earn money from trading on eToro trading platform


Do you like to have an additional income in your spare time?

Everybody like to have an additional income other than their permanent job. But do we have time to spend on another job? May be yes. For some people it’s only a thought. Sometimes they have time, but they don’t know what to do, what are the ways they could have a way of other income. At the same time so many people know how to run a business or they have better plans, knowledge, opportunities. But they don’t have money to invest on those businesses,opportunities or to use their knowledge to become success in their lives.

As a result of these things it has become a trend that people always wish to earn money online. Because it is easy that much and everybody loves. With the rise of the Internet and Internet marketing it has changed the whole world in to a global market place. It has made so many opportunities on the Internet to earn money online through advertising, online shopping, trading etc…


Let’s find out how to earn money with online trading

If we can earn money easily by putting little of our valuable time and the knowledge, it will be a great opportunity. At the same time if you can let your money to work for you, then all you need do is enjoy your life.

Today you are going to know how to earn money easily from the Internet. Billions of people on the Internet make money online using this method. So what is the method? Yes you know that, it is Online Trading. There is a 99.9 percent of a chance that you may have heard of Forex Trading. Trading means not only Forex Trading, but there is more than that. Trading does depend only with Currencies (Forex trading depends totally on currency exchange) but with the Stocks, Commodities, Indices etc… Everybody can not involve with the Stock markets. It needs so much money to invest on that and you need so much knowledge with those things.


So how to make money with trading? Still you have the opportunity make money with trading. You can invest your valuable money with a broker of the stock market. You can ask your broker to invest your money for the right opportunities. For that you won’t need much money since the broker has the access to the stock market and he has so many clients such as you.


The next problem which rises is ‘how to find a broker who is trusted and do I have much time to interact with these people?’. Also how will be the legal document things with these stuff. All these means so much hassle for your day to day life. Don’t worry, you are still there with no hassle. You don’t need to worry about anything. So many trusted trading brokers are there on the internet. You can invest your own money as you wish with them. There won’t be any legal document things and hassle free. This trading strategy calls Social Trading and it makes your life easier.


So many social trading companies are there on the Internet. eToro – The Social Trading & Investment Network is one of a most popular and a trusted company which follows by more than 5 million people. So you can join with this social trading network and use your knowledge to make profits through tradings. You can get the knowledge to how to do social trading with this online broker by following below steps.


Before start this lessons it needs to let you know few things. May be you don’t have the knowledge how to invest money through social trading and also you are going to risk your money by investing your hardly earned money, etc… Please find the answers for your problems below.


Don’t have knowledge about social trading or trading investments?

You don’t need a much knowledge about this trading stuff. But you will need to stay in touch with the business news, government news, government reports. This won’t be that much everybody always keep in touch with day to day news.

If you are not happy with above thing, you still have a chance to get the forecasts of markets from all over the world. So many experienced investors, market specialists forecast, how it will be the market status of each stock, commodity, currency in next few hours, days, weeks, months… So do you think still you need so much knowledge to invest on trading? No you don’t. You are still good to go with your investment plan.

Even if you don’t know how to trade here on eToro, it lets you copy the best traders in the platform who performing well and making profits. So you won’t need any trading experience but you copy those traders and you will be able to make profits as per your amount of investments same as your following traders.


eToro copy traders


Don’t know how to invest with trader and have no experience with trading?

To invest your hardly earned money, you should have a trading experience. So it’s pleasure to say that you will get 100, 000 US Dollars of virtual money to invest in a demo account and you will be able to gain the knowledge about the markets, how to invest, how to make profits, disadvantages etc… So once you are done with the demo account and if you are sure that you can make profits through social trading. Congratulations!!! You are good to go to make profits through social trading and make your life easier more than ever.


So here you are. If you are ready to make profits through social trading, then here is the way how to work with your social trader eToro.

invest in trading markets

Step1: Register

Please follow this link Register On eToro to register.

Step2: Confirm your identity

You need to your prove your identity to social trading platform since you are going to do a investment with this company. Below details need to be proven before start your trading. Please complete this versification process before start your trading. So please keep in mind to provide the correct details of yourself.

eToro verification

Step3: Start trading with the demo account

If you are already familiar with social trading and you have so much experience with this, then you can start your investments by depositing your money to social trading account.

As I explained before, you can gain the knowledge and the experience through demo account and you will receive 100, 000 US Dollars of virtual money to invest.

(Please keep in mind, this money is not real money but only can invest on your demo account.)

eToro demo account

Step4:Deposit money

Once you are familiar with the social trading you can start real investments by depositing your money on this social trading website. For your first deposit you will need to deposit a minimum of 50 US Dollars. You can deposit up to 20,000 US Dollars of Maximum.

Also happy to say that most of the time you will get a bonus from eToro for your deposit. It depends on the amount you are going to deposit. This bonus money won’t be able to withdraw once after your deposit but you are allowed to invest that money. But after some certain amount of investments you will be allowed to withdraw that bonus money too.


To get the Bonus from eToro you need to enter the promo codes in your deposit window form. You will find a field with ‘Promotion Code’. Once after entering the promo code in that field press Apply button and you will receive the Bonus. Sometimes you will need to make the deposit in first place to get the Bonus and then only your promo code will be valid in the payment form. So please don’t bother about that. If didn’t receive a promo code, please search on the Internet as ‘eToro Promo Codes’ and you will find so many promo codes.

Please find some promo codes below…

deposit GET code
$300-$999 $100 CREDITS start100
$1,000-$2,499 $300 CREDITS start300
$2,500-$5,000 $1000 CREDITS start1000
$5,000-MORE CONTACT eToro

Step5: Invest and make profits

From here, you are on your own and you are ready to invest and make profits. Wish you all the best for your trading and good luck!!!

Offer valid on all countries.

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